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Coronavirus has been spread among Hanshin Tigers – Baseball team

According to the Central League, the president of the Hanshin Tigers namely Kenji Ageshio no longer be a part of the season in the end due to his suffering from the new infection which is called the coronavirus infections and it has marked its dangerous effects all over the world. This was published as the fresh baseball world news.

Three players in the team of Tigers have been tested positive for the coronavirus in March only. Moreover, they were caught by the virus during the practice time and they had no clue about when the season that has been postponed due to the coronavirus will start. Pitcher Shintaro Fujinami had dinner with his large group at the house of his friends just after a practice game of the minor league.

Coronavirus has been spread to Baseball player

Hanshin Tigers Coronavirus

Pitcher Shintaro Fujinami along with his teammates were the first baseball players in the Nippon Professional Baseball who have been tested positive for the coronavirus infection. In May, when the  Nippon Professional Baseball which is also called as the NPB started planning for the opening of their season, and the teams were also instructed by them that they can create their own rules and regulation so that there can be control on the spreading of the coronavirus infections among players and staff having their duty in the NPB. But when the captain of the Tigers namely Kento Itohara was present in the group of players who were tested positive for the infection during their investigation which was held in September, it was confirmed by Hanshin that his team has broken rules and regulation that has been set by them only.

The club then decided to allow the players to dine only in either Nagoya or Hiroshima but only in their private rooms and there must be only four or fewer people and not more than that and too only for about two hours. According to the president of Hanshin Tigers, Ageshio who is 60 years old due to his team only two events have been disturbed as he marked his statement “We cannot deny the fact that we have troubled the whole baseball world on two occasions.” He continued saying “I am responsible for all the confusion the team has caused since I took office.”

Kenji Ageshio was selected to play the role of the president of the Hanshin Tigers in December of the year 2017 which is a baseball team. The reason behind this is that there is no successor being announced by the team itself. The president announced this news in the press conference which was held in Nishinomiya of Hyogo Prefecture on Friday only. In Los Angeles, the baseball player namely Chad Pinder tied the score with a three-run home run in the seventh inning, and along with that Sean Murphy has hit a go-ahead sacrifice fly in the eighth.