Randy Arozarena baseball player

Randy Arozarena has won a match against New York Yankees

The Tampa Bay Rays are common in their admiration for Randy Arozarena, who is known by his nickname as “The Cuban Rocket”. Arozarena has been homered for the third straight game and along with that Kevin Kiermaier and Michael Perez have also gone profound for the Rays, who has defeated the New York Yankees by the score of 8-4 on Wednesday night.

And with this one victory, they have reached the AL Championship Series for the first time in 12 years.

Randy Arozarena has impressed everyone

Randy Arozarena best player baseball

According to the words of Kiermaier, there is no other baseball player as good as Randy Arozaeena as he has said “He’s the best player on the planet,” and this has been registered as the baseball world news. He has also said about Randy Arozarena that “He’s incredible. He’s very unique in so many ways. Everyone loves him. He is the man. What he’s doing is incredible.” Masahiro Tanaka who is the player of the team of New York Yankees has got the chance to start for his team and he was also charged with the loss. He has given up five runs and has also left in the fifth inning where he has marked his appearance in the second postseason in the year 2020. He was somehow pushed as the borderline of the abolition in the contest where only the five best players were only considered. 

This abolition of the Yankees was necessary so that it could limit the spread of the coronavirus and all of this was held in San Diego’s Petco Park. Even Masahiro Tanaka has been viewed registering his statement in the world news as he says “There’s only frustration. I was in better shape than in my previous outing, I’m just frustrated that I couldn’t produce results tonight since I felt my condition had improved.” Tanaka plays mostly with his right hand so the is a right-hander and he has generated eight hits and along with that two home runs, a pivotal three-run which was shot to Kiermaier in the fourth and Arozarena has shown his best in the fifth before he was given the hook with the Yankees whose score was irregular as such 5-1.

The manager of the Yankees namely Aaron Boone has claimed Game 3 in a different manner if Tanaka had not won Willy Adamesin the fourth only. The pitch was not comfortable during the game and was present at the bottom of the zone. In the same position, Kiermaier has crushed the first ball he has seen on the next play. Boone has registered his official comments as such “They had some really competitive at-bats against him. It looked really close to me,” and this however became the news. He continued saying “I haven’t gone and looked at it yet. Obviously, a big pitch there. And then the homer by Kiermaier really hurt.”