Rinku Singh – Baseball Player

Rinku Singh – Baseball Player of India

Rinku Singh who was born on 8th of August in the year 1988 is none but an Indian professional wrestler and along with that, he used to be a baseball player. He has signed himself as the WWE champion and he plays on their brand name of NXT and his ring name is Rinku itself.

Rinku Singh was signed by the organization of the Pittsburgh Pirates when he was part of the reality television show and has won the pitching contest. The name of the television show was The Million Dollar Arm which brought both the name and fame in the year 2008. 

Personal and Professional life of Rinku Singh, Baseball Player

Rinku Singh play professional

Rinku Singh was the first Indian who could play professional baseball and he has disbursed more than a few seasons in the baseball in the minor leagues and he has also reached the level of Single-A. He is the protagonist of the movie named as Million Dollar Arm and from there only he got popular. His birth name which was given by his parents is Rinku Singh and he is 32 years old as his date of birth is 8th of August in the year 1988. He was born in Gopiganj Bhadohi of Lucknow in India and he is currently residing in Orlando of Florida in the United States of America. His ring name is Rinku and his height as mentioned on his body details is 6 ft 4 inch which is of about 193 cm. His weight as registered in the document is 125 kg which is 276 lb. 

Rinku Singh is trained professionally by the WWE Performance Centre. During his growing age, he was in the scarcity of food and his standard of living was very low. The reason behind his poverty was due to being the son of a truck driver. He used to live in a rural village in Bhadohi in India. He has had a total of nine siblings, and he used to live together with them in a single room only along with his father and mother. His home has electricity but there was a shortage of water, so they must use the well water. He used to throw the javelin during his childhood days and played cricket in his village as a little boy. He played so well that he became the junior champion at the national level, and he has also won the medal in the junior national javelin tournament.

Rinku Singh has studied from Guru Gobind Singh College of Lucknow in India. In the year 2008, he arrived in an Indian reality television show, namely the Million Dollar Arm, which brought a lot of fame to his pocket. This contest was produced by J. B. Bernstein who is a sports agent in America and along with that, his partner was also in there namely Ash Vasudevan and Will Chang as well. Their job was to search for the baseball player who is capable of throwing the fastest and most precise baseball.