Indian baseball team plays

Indian Baseball Team plays on an international level

The Indian baseball team is nothing but the national baseball team of India in the baseball competition on the international level. In the year of 2016, in the Indian Baseball team, there were two Indian baseball players who were playing at the international tournament namely Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel.

Both the players of the Indian Baseball team were a major part of the organization of the Pittsburgh Pirates. India has beaten Iran with a score of 11-10 and has therefore won the gold medal in the tournament of the Presidential Cup Friendly Baseball Tournament which was held in the stadium in Tehran of Iran itself and the name of the stadium was Azadi Stadium. 

Tournaments played by the Indian Baseball Team

history of the Indian baseball

The Presidential Cup Friendly Baseball Tournament was held in September of the year 2015 and it was marked as the first win of the Indian Baseball Team in the tournament on the international level. In the months which was forwarded to the high-profile tournament in the year, 2006 called as the World Baseball Classic was signaled by a number of commentators as the “Baseball World Cup”, possibly they were not able to understand that the tournament with this description has already marked its history in the world and is ruling the baseball game for about seventy years. But still, the World Baseball Classic in the year 2016 is marked as the first international baseball tournament in the history of the sport and it also included the major league players.

The step of including the major league players helped them in making the World Baseball Classic as nearly comparable to the World Cups in which other sports are also played. The World Cup usually contains players that are opulent and expert and even impressive ones in their game. And these players are better when compared with the Baseball World Cup. But one cannot win money even if he has been successful in the Baseball video game which he is playing in the mode of player vs player in place of the player vs Artificial Intelligence. 

Even though the baseball game does not use any real team of Major League Baseball, but still has one of the default teams as such the American dream. Furthermore, these teams include the name of the player as their real. Some of the names used in the game are “Pete” which is used for Pete Rose, “Hank” which is used for Hank Aaron, and “Babe” is used for Bane Ruth. Sandy Koufax Is named as “Sandie ” in this game of Baseball, “Cy” is the Cy Young. The game has used the name of Denny McLain as “Denny” and of Willie Mays is “Willie”. In addition to this, the Japan Robins included a player named “Oh,” which was after Sadaharu Oh who is the most popular Baseball player of the Nippon Professional Baseball.