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Baseball Odds: How to Read Baseball Betting Lines

Baseball odds and lines play a significant role in increasing and decreasing your winning amount. In most of the sports, the bets are placed directly on the point spread. But baseball gives more critical to Moneyline.

If you are betting on baseball, you need to know how to read the betting lines. The odds play differently in Moneyline bet. It is one of the most popular types of bet. 

Almost every baseball bettor have tried their luck with this type of bet at one point in their life. It might look complicated, but it is quite simple.

How to Read Money Lines in Baseball Betting?

know about Moneyline in baseball betting

Moneyline is the most common type of bet. There are three essential things in Moneyline. The first thing you need to know is the rotation number. Each game is given a rotation number. 

In the betting world, you cannot call the team name while placing bets. The second important thing is the team. You need to call the team by the rotation number. Each team is given a number.

Moneyline is quite simple. With these betting odds, you can make easy money. Now it’s time to learn about the third important thing, i.e. Moneyline.

In money line column, you will see a number and a sign. The sign is directly placed in front of the number. There are two signs, (+) and (-). 

The (+) sign indicates the odds associated with the underdog team. They place a lower number in front of the team as fewer people are going to place their bet on this team.

This team has fewer chances of winning the game. The other sign (-) indicated the favoured team. This team has more chances of winning the game. 

Because of this reason, the odd is high. The bookies typically place a high number in front of this team because they think more people are going to put their bet on this team.

How to Read Baseball Betting Lines?

Moneyline Bets on Baseball

Now that you know about Moneyline, it’s time to understand how to read the lines. Let’s take an example to know how to read the lines.

TeamMoneylineBet AmountPayout

As you can see Cardinals are the favoured team with odds -120. It shows that if you bet $12 on them to win, the payout will be $10. So your total winning amount will be $22.

Similarly, Dodgers are the underdogs with odds +110. It shows that if you bet $10 on them to win, the payout will be $11. So your total winning amount will be $21.

Dime Lines and 20-cent Lines

It is another line concept. You need to understand these lines before placing a bet. Dime line is pretty standard. 

If you know the dime line of just one team, you can easily find out the odds of the other team with the help of a formula. You need to know the dime line of the favoured team to place the bet accordingly.        

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