Baseball World Cup history

Facts Related to the Baseball World Cup

The Baseball World Cup was nothing but an international event where the national teams of baseball had competed from all over the world. It was basically authorized by the IBAF which is also known as the International Baseball Federation.

Besides the World Baseball Classic, the IBAF is one of the two active contests that has reflected the IBAF itself as the chief world battle. The Baseball tournament in the Summer Olympic Games is also considered as the chief world tournament but still, the game of baseball was reflected as nothing but the Olympic sport. 

History of Baseball World Cup

Baseball World Cup international

Afterward, the tournament, which was held in the year 2011, the Baseball World Cup was not in continuation and the reason behind this was the expansion of the tournament of the World Baseball Classic. The heir of the IBAF had become the WBSC which is also known as the World Baseball Softball Confederation. The WBSC is now the authorization of the two new tournaments such as the 23U Baseball World Cup which was started as the 21U Baseball World Cup in the year 2014 and the second one is the four years of the WBSC which is a tournament of the flagship. These tournaments are the national teams that are ranked at twelve best and therefore it is called the WBSC Premier 12 which began in the year 2015.

It was hosted for about 38 times and the last one was hosted in the year 2011 and it was in Panama. The first tournament was held in 1938 and it was featured in the two teams, but the last tournament had only the participants in 22 numbers only. And the previous game before that had the 16 teams in the year 2007 and for about 18 teams in the year 2005. The Baseball World Cup was the beginning of the Amateur World Series, but it was called the one till the year 1988. Till the year 1988, the series of the Amateur World was held in the intervals of one to four years, apart from that there was a tournament of eight-year intervals held from the year 1953 to the year 1961. 

Baseball World Cup tournament

From the year 1988 to the year 2001, it was held in intervals of two to four years. After the year 2001, the tournament was held every two years. Till the year 1998, the competition was only for the players who are sloppy in nature. After the year 1998, the players who were professional started competing, but the players of Major League Baseball were not allowed to compete in the game. The Baseball World Cup can have only total teams of about 14 in number. Eight teams can enter in the game easily and one can create six teams and the original eight teams cannot be changed or edited in any way.